we use NW 6.5 and SBCON
The backup always works properly
the restore i try from time to time works properly too.

A view weeks ago we applied SP6

The backup works properly too.
now i am trying to restore something.
i allways get the error
Error: "TSA error code: fffcffc5"

Is there a list which describes the errorcodes.
Is this a tape-reading error or is this a problem with SP6
I have allready tried the suggestions in TID10065613
( Unload SMDR and QMAN on the server console. In the container where the
server resides, delete the SMS SMDR Group object, the <servername> Backup
Job Queue object, and the <servername> SMS RPC object. On the server
console load SMDR NEW to recreate the SMS SMDR Group object and the SMS
RPC object, and load QMAN NEW to recreate the Backup Job Queue object.
I cant find a object <servername> SMS RPC in the nwadmin!
Is this the reason?
Who can me help!

Thank you