I am working out the preliminary budget for next year and want to leave
room for Backup Express. I have heard it is the best. The thing is I
don't have:
A> Time to start some mating dance with the sales people right now.
B> The patience to have a salescreature bug me every week until we buy
their stuff and install it(this seems to happen if you show interest in

I just want to put a lump in and narrow it in a month or two when the real
budgeting begins. I have around 5-10 servers(mostly Netware5.1/6.5) we
would be backing up when we started. Is $20k a reasonable lump for this
software? I would just throw in a bunch of untriums and a couple servers
for the hardware side of the budget as these are already cookie cutter
line items. Thanks for your help.