Backup Exec 9.20.1401
TSAFS.NLM 6.51.05 - 3/9/2006
TSANDS.NLM 10551.71 - 7/19/2005
SMDR.NLM 6.54.04 11/16/2005

(SP5 applied; TSA5UP19 applied)

DSRepair comes up clean.

Generally, an unload and a reload of SMS modules corrects the error
(SMSSTOP.NCF / SMSSTART.NCF), but often BE will not reload, forcing a
reboot (Java console port 10002 erroneously reported as in use).

This occurs after approximately one week of uptime.

Virtual memory issue?

I was seeing this prior to the OS and BE upgrades, but only in the past
couple of months. Before moving to NW 6.5 / BE 9.2, this office was
running NW 6.0 SP5 / BE 9.1, TSAUP18.

Note that this is not experienced while backing up eDir, it happens when
accessing the filesystem (different issue than TID # 10091427).

Even attempting to browse the filesystem from within BE results in the
error, until a restart of BE/SMS or a server reboot.

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