Just moved from one nwsb 6 server that was running out of space to 6.5
and spread out data and bm services onto 2 more servers.
The original box was upgraded as well along with an upgrade to gw7. The
server has a 5 disk raid 5 array approx 65gb , as a short term measure
last year , 2 9gb disks were added in a stripe config as a 2nd raid cont
and this was added to the sys pool.
Now one of the 2 disk is freezing and my sys vol dismounts . Will Recover
after a few reboots when the raid controller will pick it up but what
would be the best way to remove the 2 disks from the pool?

We use backup exec 9.1 to backup the server fully (2.5hrs for 25gb)

Never had many prob restoring a few odd files but nervous about a full
restore as it is our email server.