I have installed a brand new Netware 6.5 SP6 server. The server was
installed with a NW6.5 SP5 ISO imaged CD and then SP6 was applied.

When I try to back it up from another server (Netware 6.0 SP5), I receive
the error "Failed to Scan Next Data Set, ret=fffeffff" on each server
volume and nothing is backed up.

We are using Arcserve 9.01 and I am using the TSAFS.NLM (6.52.02) with no

Any ideas ?

Are there any tweaks that I need to make to the BTI.CFG file on the
NW6.5SP6 server ?

Here's a sample Arcserve log:

Jan-05 11:01:44 57 Connected with TSA CUST_SERV_FS.NetWare File
Jan-05 11:01:45 57 Process all files via SMS
Jan-05 11:01:45 57 LONG DOS MAC UNIX files will be processed using
SMS Engine
Jan-05 11:01:45 57 Backup CUST_SERV_FS/SYS: to DEFAULT_1304617015
sequence 1 session 43
Jan-05 11:04:01 57 Approximately 140,457 file(s) 6,564,667 KB will
Jan-05 11:04:03 57 Backup using Performance Nakoma method
Jan-05 11:04:03 57 Failed to Scan Next Data Set, ret=fffeffff
Jan-05 11:04:26 57 0 files 4 KB written to DEFAULT_1304617015 @ 10