I'm running ARCserve 11.1 SP2 on Netware 6.5 SP5. The tape server is
dedicated to ARCserve and is backing up several servers (Netware, Linux and
Windows) over the network.

I figured the best way to handle daily backups would be Differential, since
Linux doesn't have a concept of "archive bit". So I created a GFS backup
job and specified "Differential - Modification date" as daily backup method.

For a reason I can't figure out, the differential backups are based not on
the *last* full backup, but on the date when I first installed ARCserve
11.1 on the backup server.

For example, when backing up a Linux client, the following is logged in
ARCserve's activity log:

Jan-16 06:14:15 91.027 Include files modified 'on or after' 10/27/2006

10/27/2006 is the date when I first installed ARCserve. Since then, I have
even deleted and re-created the GFS job, but still the differentials are
based on 10/27/2006.

Any ideas? Except going back do the old method of Incremental daily backup
and manually modifying the Date filter for Linux clients every day...