(originally posted in the NW6x.install-upgrade...that was probably the wrong
forum to post this question.

Take 2...)

We're looking at using VMWare for migrating a NetWare 6.0sp5 server to
NW6.5sp5 or
newer. I'd like to use VMWare Server 1.0 (we've been running GSX in
production for 4 years and are quite happy with it) for this migration.

In the event of a catatrophic failure, and given the issues with restoring a
SYS volume from a previous data via a VMDK file, I plan on reinstalling the
OS, then restoring data volumes (300GB or so). However, using VMWare, I'd
like to just copy the VMDK files that host the Data volumes rather than
restore from tape.

Any issues or "gotchas" to restore data volumes in this scenario?