Hi guys

We have a 100 GB GroupWise postoffice that gives us some headaches to
get backed up.

We used the OFM from Netbackup, but the servers started abending every

So we removed the OFM, and now it backs up properly, but now it takes 13
hours to finish, which is unbearable as the GroupWise is very slow for
the users, while the backup is running.

I've tried checking the TSA's with tsatest, and it performs nicely as
long as the files arent locked (eg. Groupwise!), so my guess is that
Netbackup retries endlessly on the locked files, and thus the OFM would
improve it, but I'm a bit wary of implementing again because of the
abend issue (there should however be a newer version that the ones we've
tried with).

Any good ideas for solving this? Any setup with this that just rocks,
and is rocksolid, then please let me know!