I have browsed back a couple of months and not found this subject, so
please excuse me if I missed the detailed, extended thread from last summer.

We currently back up NW 6.5, Winders and one RH box on Backup Exec 9.0 (I
know, I know). We will shortly have no NetWare because we are migrating to
OES Linux. Our present user files are located on a 2-node cluster, and we
will migrate these to new hardware running OES Linux in a high-availability
cluster. We will, of course, preserve the NSS volumes.

What solutions are there for backing up the NSS volumes, which are mounted
on OES Linux, and preserve trustees and the other fine NSS metadata?

Please be advised that, just in the last couple of days, a Novell person
from France has contacted the Bacula list to ask what Novell can do to
"expand the functionalities of the Bacula code." If someone ports the
Bacula file daemon to Linux, then Bacula should be able to do this.

We can only hope.

Richard White
Mason County, Washington