NW 6.5SP5
BE 9
Quantum LT02HH

SVR1 Dell PE2800
SVR2 Dell PE2800
SVR3 Dell PE4300

Ok all three servers have the same Quantum LTO2 Drive, NW6.5.5 and Backup Exec 9 ( latest Build )

The backup performance on the PE4300 is spot on the drive runs on a Adaptec 7890 and is fine.

On the PE2800's ( SVR 1 & 2 )backup speed was dreadful average 141Mps.

First I thought that the fact that the Drives on the raid controlers was the cause of the speed issue. So SVR2 has had a Adaptec 2940 put in it ( ok it's not blisteringly fast but ok for testing. ) Performance has improved but there is a strange anomaly that I can't fathom...

The system has 5 volumes, with the follwoing performance on Tuesday night ( pre SCSI card ) and Wednesday night ( with the 2940 )

Size GB-------------(--6---------11--------------31----------40---------21------)

So we se a marked improvement over all volumes with the exception of StaffUser which has dropped by half!!

All volumes have similar file counts ~ 105k with the exception of ZENIMG which has 21 Images.

The breakdown of file size does show that
Staff user has approximately 24k mediuml ( <4k ) files as opposed to Pupils that has only 13K small files.
Staff user has approximately 49k medium ( 4k-64k ) files as opposed to Pupiles that has more with 59K meduim files.
And the 64k> are identical.

So surely the small files can't be causing sucha a big issues!

Staffuser should preform the same as Pupils or there abouts.

Physicaly they are on the same RAID 5 controler and from iManage they would appear to have exactly the same setting ( no Compression, 4k Block, etc... )


Can anyone come up with a plausable explination and a solution to this issue?