Currently implementing a NW6.5 sp5 2 node cluster, with fibre attached SAN
and Overland NEO 2000 LTO3 using Backup Exec 9.2

Iíve come from a Arcserve environment and the decision has been made to
switch to Backup Exec.

I have 2 issues.

1. Iím implementing a Mon>Thurs Differential backup, Friday full. The
problem is the diff takes forever to run. It does only backup the changes,
but it appears to go though the process of checking every file on the
volume, so the whole process takes about as long as a full backup. As an
example I have a 400gb test volume where I changed just 3 txt files. These
backed up but the job took over 3hours to complete.

2. Iím getting very slow though put on the tape writes. 25mb/sec. Iíve
contacted Overland support and they say I should be achieving between
50-75mb/sec. They say I need to tweak BackupExec. Has anyone achieved
these throughputs, and what did they tweak to get it?

Thanks for any help with this