Hello All;

We recently have upgraded our Netware file and print servers to SP6. Early
last week, I had tried to perform a restore for some files. I was unable
to restore to the Netware server, it would immediately error out with
an "network connection timed out" error 41. It will still connect to the
client to back it up however so I don't think that communication is a
problem (I can use the bpclntcmd and resolve with both hostname and ip
swtiches for the master server to the netware client). The other troubling
thing is that I cannot restore to windows box, it will restore the files,
but they will all be zero bytes in size (the volume isn't compressed or
encrypted). BPCD logs don't have any obvious errors (I can certainly
provide them). Is there anyone else out there that is running Netbackup 6
MP4 and is trying to back up a regular old file and print NW65SP6 server?
Have you gotten it to restore? I would like to know if it's just me or if
the service pack broke it.

Thanks and Regards;