We have just updated the DST for Java, now all of our servers that back up
multiple servers are failing. On every backup job that appends, it fails
giving the error "Appendable Media not Found". Either the Overwrite job is
not creating an entry (although it is seen when I recatalog the tape) or
the append function is failing. This is happening on our Netware 5.1 sp8
and 6 sp5 servers, which uses either backup exec 9.0 (4172) or 9.2.
I have done the following:

Upgraded the TSA's
Unloaded and Reloaded Backup exec on both the agent and the Media server
Reinstalled backup exec on both the agent and the Media server
Upgrade Backup exec 9.0 to 9.2
Deleted and Recreated the backup job and the policy
Rename the Java and the MM directories in the sys:bkupexec directories
unloaded java
backrev the update
Rebooted both the Agent and the Media Server
Reconfigure the the overwrite settings
Catalog a Tape then run an append job
Reran the DST Java update
(Grasping at any rope) Replaced the Tape