We have 2 dl380 G5 SAS servers with a p400 controller and 4 SAS disks in
raid 0+1 which deadlocks when loading the backupexec remote agent.

The BE screen shows the setting envirioment before it locks up hard.

The only way to get out of this is to powercycle the server.

We started with sp5 on these machines but with sp6 its also not working, we
also tried different BE versins, right now we're on 9.1 1158.9.

There is about a 2 on 3 chance that the server will lock up while loading,
occasionally it loads just fine and everything works like it should.

Knowing symantec there will probably not be any new patches for BE 9.1

We have a dl380G4 with scsi disks instead of SAS which works just fine so it
must be something with the hardware combination in the g5 model. Everything
is patched up, does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this or any
possible fix?