I've dealt with Symantec on this but I thought I'd post it here in case
there was any more available wisdom or solutions.

Since the early advent of DST this year, none of my BackupExec jobs are
running. My jobs are scheduled to run nightly at 11:55pm, but according
to the job logs, at 12:55am it is ejecting the media with the message
"Job Scheduler Error: Execution time out of synchronization." At first I
thought it was because I hadn't handled the DST business correctly, but
now both servers are showing the correct time but the error continues
and my backups are not being done. Symantec confirms that there is a
problem and they have not come up with a fix for it yet. Meanwhile I
have no backups!

The one clue that something is definitely screwy is that in the BE Admin
console on Windows, if I open up a scheduled job as if to edit it, where
it shows the execution time it also shows the current server time, and
it is one hour off. No discernible reason for that, since the server
itself reports the correct time.

Anybody know any solution or at least workaround for this, until
Symantec finally issues a patch? - JR