Hi All

We have an installation of the free VMWare server with 4 VM's - One of
those VM has Arcserve 11.5 installed and an LTO3 drive attached to the
physical VM server.

Now I've always been against hosting backup solutions on production
servers, and I want to undo the above configuration and get Arcserve
onto its own dedicated hardware.

Obviously I'll need to justify why to management. After searching around
the reasons I have so far are:

1. Additional load is placed on the VMware server

2. In the event of a disaster on the VMware server, VMware will need to
be re-installed first, then install arcserve, then restore the arcserve
system/databases, before any any attempt of restoring data can begin.
This obviously will slow the recovery process.

What are some other valid considerations that I could use? Anyone using
the above configuration and have come across "gotcha's"