Hey guys, I tried posting this is other places as well, but have not gotten
a response so trying here. This problem is driving me crazy and although
Backup Exec's tech support is generally great, together we can not seem to
nail this one. So really need some help here! So the problem seems to be
pinpointed to this:

Backup applications (BENW and BEWS) nor TSATEST are able to expand or
access Novell Directory . The server is NetWare 6 Support Pack 5,
running DS 8.6.2 dated v10350.30 Dec. 15, 2003. DSBACKER is December,
2001 v102010.22. The TSANDS.NLM is v10551.71 Jul. 19, 2005 The
error in question is fffdffdd. Again this looks to either be a an issue
with NDS and or one of its components. Being a single server, we ran a
DSREPAIR. There were no errors when a full DSREPAIR is run.

We need for the TSAs to be able to access NDS, for the Backup Exec
products to be able to access NDS, because they depend on these Novell

Hopefully someone can help.