I need some suggestions. I'm looking for ways to improve backups for my
remote Netware servers.

Currently, we have the following:

High School- Win2K server w/ AIT robotic tape library
BE10.0 rev 5484
This server backs up itself and (4) NW6.5SP5 boxes

Remote Buildings (4)- NW6.5SP5 server with Internal Hot Plug AIT50 drive

What I'd like to do is backup the remote NW servers to the hard drive on the
Win2K server at the high school. (I could start this late afternoon when
school is out.) Later, when my nightly backup runs, it would get backed up
to tape. Tapes could then go off-site as necessary.

That would eliminate having to visit remote buildings to change tapes, or
trusting a user at the building to change the tape.

I tired to accomplish this with the software that I currently have, but
BE9.1 on the NW servers can't backup to disk on the remote Win2K server.

Is there a BE option to allow this, or is there other backup software that I
could use. Symantec suggested Central Admin Server, but the reseller that
quoted me upgrades says it won't work with the NW version of BE...

Thanks in advance.

Steve Barr
Madison Local School District