Hi All

We have been using AIT libraries for quite some time now, we are
currently using 2 AIT3 Drives and are finding that the backup times are
just taking too long. I would really like to get something similer to
Cybernetics MiSan because it has a AIT Drive built into a D2D back so we
can pull of weekly backups easier but I am really tired of Cybernetics
nickel and diming us for support, $200 for a box to send our tape library
back is rediclulous.

So I would like to see about sticking with AIT because that is best
luck we have had with tapes and would also like the speed of the D2D
solutions for daily backups.

Currently I use NetWare 6.5 and BE 9.2 for the server and software and
would like to stick with it if possible.

Anyone have good Backup vendors they have dealt with?