We have recently implimented BakBone's NetVault 7.44 Build 3. I like the software, but it's causing major problems with my GroupWise cluster.

Standard symptom is that the Master Node of the cluster suddenly stops talking, the resources continue running and a poison pill is never received. So the server seems to visibly continue running... However, it can not ping out, or be pinged. and no communication seems to occur... This then sends the clustered resources into a comatose state, although according to the original master node, nothing has changed... So it continues to run the resources as though nothing has happened...

The problem started with the implimentation of NetVault, which also coincided with St. Bernard's Open File Manager 9.501.

I suspect the probelm is with the NDMP backup mechanism of netvault, but am not sure what to look for, or what to try next... Part of the problem is that Netware clustering is "unsupported" by NetVault. All Backups must be done from a Node Centric perspective, but that means running all resources on a single node, an all other nodes will fail because of missing volumes. However, I'm running it using the secondary IP of the clustered resource, and it seems to backup fine somethimes, but others it just stops talking (and it's always the Master Node in the GroupWise cluster) typically middle of the night, or when nobody is watching type of thing. If you run it for a test, it's going to work almost all the time....

Anyone have experience with NDMP and GroupWise in a Cluster that might be able to suggest something to try? The interface is great, but this.

GroupWise 6.5.6 under Netware 6.5 SP5 two node cluster, each GroupWise resource loaded into protected memory space.