We have just upgraded our GroupWise system from 701 to the newly released
702. It works apparently just fine. We have just the one serious issue
with every BackupExec (9.1 for NetWare) session completing with an error.
The log shows for backup sessions of each of the 3 parts of the "GroupWise
System" (DOM/PO/LIB)the following error message:-

"Novell SMS Errors were experienced
Begin Novell SMS errors:-
TSAFSGW.NLM (TSAFS.NLM An internal TSA error has occurred.
See Error log for details.
End Novell SMS errors"

No (Veritas) error log is written, and back-revisioning TSAFSGW to the
version we used successfully with GW701 causes the server to abend when
the backup of the GroupWise System starts ..again with no abend log being
written -a total hard crash.

So it looks as if the new version of TSAFSGW is support pack-dependent and
must remain.

I seem to recollect precisely the same scenario when we upgraded to GW701
a while back, and had to wait for a revised TSAFSGW.NLM before a complete
server backup finished without the dreaded "Completed with Error" status.

For the record, our GroupWise server is a tough Intel box with 6GB RAM,
running NetWare 6.5 SP6 fully patched. It has been impressively stable.

We have done a bug report, but would appreciate any
enlightenment/suggestions etc. from anyone similarly afflicted.

Many thanks,

John Sonsthagen