I am wanting to backup a Netware 6.5 server remotely over our WAN
connection (T-1) to a disk based central repository at our main office.
Once it is backed up to the main office, I want to write it to tape.

I have been trying to get RSYNC to work, but it just seems to hang or stop
working after a while and the backup never finishes.

I have had some success with using Microsoft Synctoy using drive mappings
and an external Windows PC that runs the Synctoy job. However, if there
are open files (such as on the SYS volume or in the Groupwise post office)
then the files are not copied. I am also not getting a backup of NDS
using this technology.

We currently use Arcserver 9 as our local tape backup at that location and
our main office. Over the years I have had so much trouble with Arcserve
that I want to drop it and use something else. Maybe Veritas, but their
remote backup product does not have a Netware agent.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion on how to perform this backup senario
and/or what software to use, I would appreciate it.