I've installed AS 11.1 SP2. When I launch it, it returns:

E21029 server does not have valid job queue or queue user for product BrightStor ARCserve - [-18]

Looked up stuff, found asutil.nlm at sys:arcserve\utility, right where it belongs. When I run it at the server, it asks for a login. I've used a fully qualified login name (.cn=admin.ou=container.o=org) and my password, but it fails to authenticate to the server. I have supervisor rights to the entire tree, and have specifically given myself rights to that server and the volume objects on it.

When I run dsrepair and select schema operations, it asks for a login, and that works without incident.

I either need to get asutil.nlm running, or I need to know why the as6_<servername> and as_backup_server objects are not being created when AS is installed.

Any help is greatly appreciated...