Mike wrote:

> cleik@work.com wrote:
> > Hello - I have a problem with the speed of the Embox backup on our
> > NW6SP5 Servers. We have edir with patch 8732 along with the
> > secupd5 and nmas234 patches that it recommended. When I kick off
> > an embox backup I get a log file that says it completed successfuly
> > right after the security files are backed up, however after that I
> > get an hour's worth of the Start 0 Current 2097168 End 0 messages
> > on the screen. I don't understand what it's doing at that point
> > and why it is taking so long to do it.
> >

> Any solutions yet to this? ours is still off/on for speed. Last
> night the eDir backup was 3 1/2 hours, every other part of the backup
> job was finished by 2hrs. had to wait for edir before the verifies
> ran, made the backup take 5hrs. but some nights backup is done in
> about 3hrs including verify.

I think I finally found the solution to this. use the unsecure port of
embox (generally 8008) for doing the backup, since it runs directly on
the server its not insecure as it wont hit the network.

to do that, the following files need to be modified:
should have --edirport8008 added (may need to create the file)

should have -n added to the line. (make sure there isn't a -e in the
line, as that isn't supported by embox anymore)

After those changes, I ran an e-dir backup on the server, and it only
took about 10 minutes from submission of the backup until it reported
being completed.