we do our backups from with ArcServe 11.5 SP3 on a Windows 2003 Server and
connect to Linux and NetWare-Servers with ArcServe-Agents.

Since Friday last week, we experience on one of our NetWare 6.5 SP2
Servers the following problem:

Mai-07 15:04:31 Jobanforderung von KABEFAX @ (NT Server)
Mai-07 15:04:38 Geladen TSANDS.NLM
Mai-07 15:04:49 E3123 Failed to login to TSA on server KABE, 8000000b
Mai-07 15:04:49 E3124 Failed to logout of TSA on server KABE, fffeffff
Mai-07 15:04:49 E3122 Failed to release TSA on server KABE, fffeffff
Mai-07 15:04:54 Job abgeschlossen.

Obviously, the NDS-Tree can not be saved.
Courious enough, we can successfully backup the same NDS-Tree via other
NetWare-Server's, also running 6.5 SP2 and NWAgent 11.1 SP3.

Nothing has changed, no patches, no new Software.

We do login with the admin-user.
We tried "smdr new".
We tried tsaup21.
We do have enough space on SYS-Volume.
Backup of files and directorys via tsafs works.

has anyone out there an idea?