I've got problems with Netware 6.5sp5 with TSA19up and TSM 5.4 client
Performance of the backup appears to have solved. The issue is I
cannot find the exact issue as we experienced network issues that
masked some results.
Our TSM goes to an external party via TCP connectivity.
The issue seems to be a slow scan time more than data transfer.

The TSAFS is used with the settings of
tsafs /noConvertUnmappableChars /nocluster /CacheMemoryThreshold=10 /

The TSM 5.4 is basically a straight install with the opt file as
I am getting errors re:
05/11/2007 09:30:59 (TSAFS.NLM 6.51.5 291) An invalid path was used.


************************************************** **********************
* Tivoli Storage Manager
* Sample client options file for Tivoli Novell NetWare client
************************************************** **********************

************************************************** *******************
* Copy DSM.SMP (this file) to DSM.OPT.
* To specify the communication method used between the client node
* and server. Select one of the following communication methods
* by removing the '*'. Fill in NODENAME and this will represent a
* minimum set of options to get started.
* You may also exclude some operating system files. A recommended
* list is at the bottom of this file. These files typically are
* system level files that, even if backed up, could not be properly
* restored. If they are restored, they could corrupt the operation
* of the system. If you decide to use the list, simply remove the
* '*'.
* (for the communication method values, you may have to
* contact your system administrator)

************************************************** *******************

* Communications settings
* -------------------------------------------------------

* Setting Options for the TCP/IP Communication Method
* -------------------------------------------------------

* Setting Nodename
* -------------------------------------------------------


* NDS leaf objects can be included/exclued;
* container objects are not affected. This example
* shows how to include only objects in container
* .O=TIVOLI.OU=Development
* ---------------------------------------------------------
* EXCLUDE directory:.O=TIVOLI.*
* INCLUDE directory:.O=TIVOLI.OU=Development.*

* Recommended exclude list for NetWare
* -------------------------------------------------------
* NetWare general excludes
* ---------------------------------------------------------
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\secaudit.log
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\events.log
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\system.log
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\btrieve.trn
* EXCLUDE SYS:\system\tsa\err$hst.*
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\tsa\err$log.*
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\tsa\skip$log.*
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\tsa\tsa$temp.*
* EXCLUDE sys:\system\sys$log.err
* EXCLUDE sys:\_swap_.mem
* EXCLUDE sys:\vol$log.err
* EXCLUDE sys:\tts$log.err

* NetWare Memory management option
* ---------------------------------------------------------------
* The following option uses a memory conserving algorithm for
* processing incremental backups as each directory is backed up.
* This option may increase the duration of time required for
* backups and increase CPU utilization on the TSM Server.
* But will decrease the required NetWare memory needed for backups.

* NetWare Screen option
* ---------------------------------------------------------------
* The following option instructs the NetWare client to destroy
* the TSM screen when quitting the dsmc program.

* NetWare user ID and password option
* --------------------------------------------------------------
* The following option specifies a user ID and password to connect
* to a local or remote NetWare resource (server or NDS tree). The
* user ID must have NetWare supervisory equivalence. Use this
* option for each resource which will be managed by TSM.
* If this option is not specified in the client options file, TSM
* will check for a user ID and password in an encrypted file (if
* NWPWFILE is set to YES). If a correct user ID and password
* is not found in a file (or NWPWFILE is set to NO), TSM will prompt
* for a user ID and password when a backup or archive operation
* is initiated.
* NWUSER server_1_name\user:password
* NWUSER server_2_name\user:password
* NWUSER nds_tree_name\user:password

* NetWare user ID and password file
* --------------------------------------------------------------
* The following option specifies that the user ID and password used
* to connect to a NetWare resource (server or NDS tree) will be
* in an encrypted file in the installation directory after the
* prompt. An encrypted file will be created for each resource with
* extension .PWD

* Silencing screen output
* -----------------------------------------------------------------
* Use the QUIET option to keep messages from being displayed on the
* NetWare console and the schedule log file. This option will
* the performance during scheduled backups.
* Note that by using this option, schedule event windows, schedule
* statistics and errors during schedule processing will still be
* written to the schedule log file.
* If this option is not specified, the default VERBOSE will be taken.


changingretries 0

Domain staff:\ shared:\
Clusternode YES
Passwordaccess generate
Schedmode polling
Include.Encrypt staff:\ shared:\