I've got some servers running Netware 6.5, recently updated to SP6 plus
p[ost-fixes and Arcserve 11.1 updated to SP2.

We've found an interesting condition on those servers running NSS
volumes only. SP6 manages memory much better - available memory is much
better. Arcserve was abending before on some servers when low memory
conditions occurred. Although the available free memory is now looking
great on these servers (recent HPs with 1Gb RAM), memory is handled
slightly differently compared to SP5. Or so it seems. Now, in Monitor
-> System Resources, Cache Buffer Memory (in bytes) and Miscellaneous
Memory (in bytes) fluctuate wildly. As Misc goes up, Cache Buffer goes
down and vice versa. I think this is quite reasonable as it looks like
NSS cache is taking memory as required then giving it back. On one
server with SP6 and a couple of traditional volumes, Cache Buffers are
stable at 35%. On the NSS only servers it moves from 40+% to 3-4% very

Arcserve has a setting in the scheduler (configure Arcserve) of
"Minimum Cache Buffers Required to Start Job (%)". This is a hangover
from the old days of Arcserve, with traditional Netware memory
management. If a job should be running, Arcserve will log an E0007
error every time cache buffers dip below 10% and the job will stop. As
it rises above 10% a log of "server memory has been restored. Jobs will
now proceed.". This can occur every few seconds. The restore message
will occur even if a job is not running and is informational only but
fill the logs.

One workaround has been to reduce the Arcserve setting for Minimum
Cache Buffers to something like 5% or less depending on the server. The
worrisome issue is will this cause problems with Arcserve? As noted,
there is plenty of free memory now for Arcserve to do its job and so
far it does, as long as the minimum ache buffers are below the OS cache

Has anyone else seen this issue or has some comments to make?



Patrick Ernst
Linux Admin (in my dreams :D )