Has anyone tried using the TCC.NLM utility on a File System Device in
ArcServe? In the past I was trying to copy backup jobs that were put on a
hard drive over to tape, I thought I was just doing something wrong. Today
I thought I'd try something fairly simple erasing a FSD.

The command should be:

tcc jerase /sb1 /s2 /mL

So that's SCSI board 1 SCSI ID 2 and a Long erase according to the help

Every time I try this I get:

TCC: Error: Source SCSI ID 2 not found.

Now both the ArcServe manager, and the tape server agree that the FSD that I
want to erase is on SCSI Board 1, SCSI ID 2

This is on NetWare 6.5 sp 6 with ArcServe 11.1 sp2 The server has a SATA
drive in it, and ArcServe can create backups to the FSD's without errors.

James J. Hamelic
Network Engineer
Wadsworth City Schools