We are currently using NetWare 6.5 running on VMWare ESX 3.01. The storage
resides on a NetApp FAS 3020 dual head.
Muy plan is to give the users the ability to restore files themselves by
mapping snapshots created a day ago, a week ago and so on.

This is mentioned in the application notes from NetApp and NetWare.
So I want to map 2 or 3 previous taken snapshots to a second server. The
only problem that arises is that the pools and volumes all have the same
name, so I was looking for a command to rename a pool and a volume thru
the command line.
Everything works fine if I do it with the nssmu-utility, but I want to do
it via a script.
1- unmap luns from previous snapshot
2- destroy lun
3- Freeze filesystem
4- Create snapshot
5- Thaw filesystem
6- rotate snapshots
7- create lun from snapshot
8- connect to lun
9- rename NSS-pool ---> problem
10- rename volume ---> problem

Does anyone knows the solution for the two last problems?