Ok, recently I migrated a netware 6.5 sp6 server over to new hardware.
Much to my surprise, I could only migrate my user data. I had to
reinstall all my apps and services. This brought to attention my backups.
I have 3 NW 6.5 SP6 boxes at my current locations with a few Windows 2003
and 2000 servers mixed in. I am currently utilizing a Windows 2003 server
and Arcserve 11.5 with the disk staging option. What I did was I put in
some large HDD's and stage the backups of (2) windows boxes and my 3
netware boxes then migrate to tape after the disk staging is done. My
question is: What should I be backing up? I used to backup everything on
my netware machines only to see multiple open files on the sys volumes.
Here is what I am thinking: I will backup all the user data on these
servers but not the entire sys volume. Included in my sys volume portion
of the backups is the NDPSM and Broker folders only. My GroupWise machine
has the domain and post office on a different volume then sys so I will
only backup that volume. All applications will need to be reinstalled so
I will make sure to document their configurations on paper in case I need
to reinstall. My main concern is with the GroupWise machine. Am I doing
myself a diservice by not backing up the sys volume on that box? As long
as I get the domain and postoffice directories am I ok?