I asked about this a year ago...I thought I would see if things have
changed much. Getting ready to upgrade to OES-Netware/NW6.5 and I am
increasing disk space. I currently have about 660 GB of space (using
450 GB) that gets backed up from multiple servers to a single server
with a large RAID array using TaskMaster. The backup server then uses
Backup Exec to backup to tape - currently an SDLT 600 and an SDLT
110/220 in a pool. With the new servers I will have 1260 GB of space,
which will probably translate eventually to 900 GB of data to backup.

Option 1 is to replace the SDLT 110/220 with another SDLT 600. Might
work for a while, but I assume once I hit the 900 GB mark, I won't get
enough compression to fit onto two tapes. At that point I suppose I
could buy a third drive, or swap tapes. But I don't like the swap
tapes option...I would prefer to do a complete backup without human

Option 2 is to use some type of portable hard drive and use TaskMaster
to copy from the RAID to the portable hard drive. But I'm not sure if
there is anything that is big, relatively fast, and inexpensive.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


Novell....it does a server good!