I have four NW 6.5 SP5 (edir OES servers.

One master and two R/W servers in my building.
At disaster recovery site, I have my fourth server.
This fourth server is R/W.

If this building burns down, and my master and two R/W's
are gone....leaving only one R/W....can I at my disaster
recovery site go into ConsoleOne and change this one R/w
by itself to be the Master?

On this fourth server, it will have a vol1 and vol2 but
with different server name. I know my login scripts will
have to be adjusted.

Having issues restoring tree via Computer Assoc Brightstor
ARCServe Backup 11.5. Tree restores but not rights.
Wondering if I could use this fourth server, as I mentioned,
with a R/W until needed.