This is a local test on a RAID 1E system with 12 SCSI Ultra320 146GB@10K

SMS - TSA Statistical Analyzer

Backing Up :DATA2:

Read Count: 13266 Min. Read Time: 000us

Last Read Size: 65536 Last Read Time: 2400us

Total Bytes Read: 629512878 Max. Read Time: 305500us

Raw Data MB/min: 424.14 Avg. Read Time: 6400us

Backup Sets: 3950 Avg. Scan Time: 400us

Avg. Open Time: 000us Total Read Time: 85s

Avg. Close Time: 000us Elapsed Time: 88s

Effective MB/min: 414.74 Total TSA Time: 87s

Max. Error: 2.79%

Avg. File Read Time:21700us

I followed this TID to no avail?

Does TSATEST create it own test files or use the blocks on the current

There are millions of tiny files and folders on this volume.
Should I raise the Read Ahead count?
->Read Ahead Count in Blocks:64