I have just been experimenting with SBCON etc on a backup server and have
got it to see the main server as the target for backing up and can specify
what volumes etc.

It seems to either want a tape or a new device like a hard drive to back
up to. That is OK and stuff.

But i need my backup information (say a full backup of a small NSS
volume/pool) to be able to be mapped. ie accounts and database. In our
case J: is a mapped drive and some network clients need to see it.

Server 1 j: Accounts & Dbase
Server 2 j: Accounts & Dbase (a week or a day old)

Note server 2/3 is in the same eDirectory. Hell i may even setup a server
3 with it's J: drive having 1 week old backups of that volume. Using daily
and weekly scheduling by SBCON.

Then just get critical people to change servers and get the info. in case
it screws up. I have the scars on my back from experience with oplocks,
file commit and client file caching with databases!!

Can SBCON etc (general netware backup stuff) backup to a NSS volume?

Another question is about writing general user scripts in the context
container that connects to multiple servers.

Is it just a case of the MAP command and specify the server in it?
I wonder about error codes also. (if the server wasn't online)

Thanks for the help.