running backup exec netware agent 9.0.1 build 1158.9 with open file option 9.5.501 on a windows2ksp4 10dsp3 media server

Every evening when backups run, novell send-message-pop-ups appear on all users machines stating that nss volume server/sys_iv_ out of disk space. My users panic, as the words "out of disk space" is all they see and inevitably call me every evening at home or on my cellphone. The logger screen says that it was out of diskspace and volume was deactivated and backups will continue with out using the open file option, I am guessing because our open files exceeded the space allocated in the temp volume?

Backup exec said it is normal for these volumes to be created, activated and deactivated - ok fine, no problem. But is there anything to configure or modify to increase the space (or even look at how its configured) so that my users do not receive these pesky messages? Backup exec's "workaround" was to disable the message broadcast feature in netware. We use send message for different things so this is not an option.