Is there anyone running 6.5sp6 on ESX 3.1 with BackupExec 9.2? We are
testing this model and I find very inconsistant backup speeds. The
first backup flew at 1.4GB a minute. The next will be 266MB a minute,
yet the next will be 566MB a minute. Our production network will get
around 900MB to 1.6GB a minute with an LTO drive, but I cannot seem to
get a consistant backup speed on a this host. At times the backup will
fail also with SCSI BUS timeout errors. Not really sure why this is
happening either. Tape drive swap outs, firmware updates, different
flavors of SCSI Cards, and different cables all produce the same
results. I'm starting to bang my head against the wall trying to
figure out what exactly is going on to produce such inconsistant

This server is completely patched with the latest patches, Tape Drive
Firmware and including the latest build of BE. But this doesn't appear
to help.

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