The server is a NW6.0-SP5-box (P4 something, one Adaptec 29160 for several
scsi320-disks and one Adaptec 29160 for a Quantum Ultrium/LTO2-drive. The
backup-software is BackupExec 9.1 (latest build) including OFO.

The LTO2-drive has freshly been installed and I wondered, why it started
and stopped all the time during backup. It looked as if the data could not
be provided fast enough for the drive to write it continous to the tape.

So I tried to get some more data and was a little bit surprised when
finding a backup-to-disk job of a 25gb-pool/volume (2 soft-mirrored-disks)
run by BackupExec finishing with an 313mb/min result (writing to a
2-disk-soft-striped-pool/volume). I was even more suprised when TSATEST
worked on the same 25gb-volume with around 1900mb/min.

TSATEST does not have to write the data somewhere as far as I know, but I
see still quite a loss of performance somewhere in my system. Is this
feeling correct?