I'm having issues with a new IBM LTO-4 unit.

I have a NW6.5 server w/SP5 and BE 9.2

The LSI SAS Host Bus Adapter card this drive is attached to is visible and
recognized. No other drives are on this adapter.

NW6.5 works fine with a LTO-3 unit but the NWTAPE.CDM, which is what LSI
indicates as the proper CDM for use with tape units, won't bind to the
LTO-4 drive.

Error reads:
Loading Module NWTAPE.CDM

7-09-2007 10:41:49 am: NWTAPE-2.0-0
006: WARNING! Device IBM_ULTRIUM-TD4 has not been tested with this
driver will attempt generic support. Use at our own risk!

7-09-2007 10:41:49 am: NWTAPE-2.0-0
003: WARNING! Driver had an error with device IBM_ULTRIUM-TD4;
driver did not bind to device.

Anyone run into this and/or have a solution????

Bill Allin