Well have N/W 6.0SP5
using B/U Exec Ver. 9.2
and trying to use the PV100T LTO2-L (Certance) ext. tape drive.

N/W when list devices sees the drive as does B/U Exec 9.2

Situation: Insert tape (Ultrium2) and exec a B/U Exec backup job.

Results: Active alert from B/U Exec, tape is write-protected.

No matter what I do, tweak B/U Exec media overwrites, etc. the same result.

Techs at B/U Exec after testing with me and collecting logs:

"The drive is throwing a "3F 11" sense code during the operation. The 3F
codes are all "Unit Attention" messages, and the most specific one I can
find for 3F 11 is "Medium Auxiliary Memory Available". I'm not sure what
that means. The job log you sent does not match the RPTOOL log or the
Server Debug log. Perhaps the correct job log would lend a better clue. My
instinct at this point is making me look with suspicion at the tape drive

Has anyone had similar situations and if so, is there a fix?

Or are there other non descript tape utilities to try to either tape drive
working or broke? No real help from Dell though

Thanks in advance