I'm new to Galaxy and I'm now in charge of an existing system. I found
that the commvault documentation is not very useful so I hope to find
the answers here.

I'm restoring a Groupwise postoffice (150gb small files) to a netware
server. When I start the restore the job, there doesn't seem to happen
much for about 2 hours. Only the target server has a CPU utilization of
almost 100%, and I found out that the commvault restore job is the
busiest thread on that server by far. After 2 hours the restore starts
at normal speed.

When the job needs another tape, the job is again waiting for 2 hours
and is also generating the huge CPU load on the target server.

Can anyone tell me what is happening here? It seems like it's building
some kind of index of the target volume before the actual restore takes
place. And how can I avoid the huge CPU load on the target netware