LS. We use 2 backup systems for the Novell server.
1. Arcserve 11.1 (sp3), Data and Tree backup of the Novell server
2. An internet backup, where an agent is installed on the Novell server.
(will also backup data and tree info)
The second (internet backup) is giving problems with the error message
"error creating NDS data-file sys:\system\servdata.nds, returned error -625"
(not sure if the return error is a Novell error). result the internet backup
Arcserve no problem!
The two backup systems are NOT interferring each other and there is enough
space on sys volume. The internet backup is done with admin rights.
Suggestion of the internet backup people, try a system state backup with
netware tools if it fails run DSrepair. As there is NO error in system.log
or in abend.log, I doubt there is any need for DSrepair and we have NOT
encounter any problems with the Novell server.
The internet backup was working alright (months), and since last week it has
this error appeared. If we disable (in the internet backup) the option to
backup novell tree, it will run without any problem.
I assume that Arcserve also creates this file (as arcserve also backups tree
any idea?