I need to make sure our steps are proper for a recovery. The situation is
that we lost a 6.5 server due to power outtages (corrupted the pool beyond
repair; pools there but no volumes shown) and the most recent successful
backup is several weeks old. I have restored all volumes to a temp server
in subdirectories so I could get critical data back while our drives were
being looked at.

The server held a R/W replica, so I went in and removed the server from
the replica ring. I next will remove the server object and all volume
objects from the NDS tree. Now, if I understand correctly I next will
rebuild the server with the same name and a normal 6.5 install, insert it
into the same location of the same tree, and then work on copying over the
data to the same locations.

My questions are as follows:

* Since I will be using the same release (crashed server was an SP5
machine and the new one will be installed from the OSSP5 CD set) would it
be prodent to copy over EVERYTHING, including SYS volume information and
let it overwrite?

* The machine housed the PO for Groupwise 7 at the site. Can I simply
restore what I have and then let it start up as before? I know GW7 is
pretty resiliant normally, but can it take this kind of overwrite of all

* SHould I try and install as many of the features during the install, or
let the copy over take care of getting the correct files in the correct

Thanks for your advice in advance. Its been a frustrating last couple
days, and for those who are watching we use BE92 and it seems to be ok
most times, but of course when you really depend on it..... ;-)