I have a netware 6.5sp6 dell poweredge 2950 server running backup exec netware agent 9.0.1 build 1158.9 with open file option 9.5.501 (windows2ksp4 10dsp3 media server).

When I have open file option enabled in my policy templates, my job will start to run, and then stops after a bit. When this happens, I can't ping the server, can't map any drives, can't get cdrom, can't get console access, can't use the keyboard, etc. No abends, nothing in log files indicating any particular cause. There seems to be enough room on the volumes for the temp snapshot pools. The only relation I can make is when the snapshot pool is deactivated, it deactivates more than just the temp pool. The job log states that the network connection to the remote server was lost.... I am not 100% sure that its backup exec as I have other little (maybe unrelated) hardware issues - for instance right now, the cdrom isn't detected in the bios. The ESM light was on, but I can't boot to the live omsa CD to get to the log files so I am not sure what the issue was there yet.

It seems as if OFO is nothing but a pain - does anyone else have similar issues or any insight into what might be going on for me?