We backup 3 netware 6.5 SP6 servers (first) to a disk array on a
windows 2003 backup server with backup exec 10d sp3.

After a crash we had to re-install the backup server and our backup
time is more then double what we had before. Analysing backup-speeds
listed this:

Server 1: SYS: 610Mb/min, DATA1: 670Mb/min, DATA2: 150Mb/min
Server 2: SYS: 374Mb/min, DATA: 520Mb/min
Server 3: SYS: 244Mb/min, DATA: 1.500Mb/min

The problem is Server1\DATA2: Speed is very slow while the volume is
big, both in Gb and in number of file's. Backup takes 8 hours.
The closest volume is Server2\DATA, with halve the Gb's and halve the
number of files, but takes only 1/8 of the time.

Any suggestions why backup of Server1\DATA2 is so slow, compared to
Server1\DATA1 and compared to Server2\DATA?


Thomas Roes
There is no one at thomasr1@xs4all.nl