HP Proliant DL380 G4
(2) LSI scsi adapters
(2) DLT drives
NetWare 6.5 sp6
Backup Exec 9.1
Hard drives are on a separate adapter from the DLT drives

Originally I had a 300 GB DLT and a 110 GB DLT and Netware 6. In
Backup Exec I created a cascading drive pool. The 300 GB drive was
listed first and the 110 was listed second. So it always started with
the larger drive and only went to the second one if needed.

I am upgrading everything to NW6.5 - so I wiped this server clean and
did a fresh install. I phased out the 110 GB DLT drive, moved the 300
GB DLT to the second adapter and put a new 600 GB DLT drive on the
first adapter. When I create the cascading drive pool in BE, it lists
the 300 prior to the 600 and I cannot figure out why. The logger
screen says the 300 is HBA 2 and the 600 is HBA 1. But when I look in
BE it says the 300 is HA 1 and the 600 is HA 2.

Any thoughts? I don't see any method in BE to define which drive
should come first in the pool. It just appears to default to the
order of the adapters...except in this case it is getting the order
mixed up.


Novell....it does a server good!