We are running SBCON on an HP Proliant DL 380 G4 using a HP Storageworks
Ultrium 460 drive (connected directly to the server - scsi). It was
runing fine. All of a sudden, the server seems to crash during the night
after the backup has been runing for several hours. Black screen, no
messages. We do not believe that it is a problem with the volume because
we have looked at the backup logs and it does not appear to fail at the
same place. We tried to upgrade the software to the laster version with
no help. Here is what we are running:

NetWare 6.5 SP5
QMAN 6.50.06
SBCON 6.50.06
SMDR 6.54.04
SMSDI 5.03.01
TSAFS 6.51.05

The only change that we can think of is that we have installed new Gig
sitches (the old ones were 100).

Any thoughts?