I'm just moving a tape drive to a new server and back to BackupExec
9.11 because of some problems with the current backup software.

Anyway, I have a NW6.5 sp5 installation with an Adaptec 29160 scsi
card, to which is connected a Quantum SDLT-S4. I am unfamiliar with
using adaptec cards (always just used Compaq), and I cannot seem to get
Netware or Backup exec to "find" the tape drive. Netware added the
ADPT160M drive to startup.ncf, and I have made sure that TSANDS was
loaded and NWTAPE was not. SCAN ALL doesn't find any devices. I just
pulled the tape and SCSI card out of a windows machine, and that was
working properly, so I don't think it's anything like a termination

Can anyone offer suggestions on how to get this tape drive up and

Jim Helfer