Backup exec job seems to start ok, backup runs at normal speed for a while, utilization all normal then at some point during the job, the utilization will increase, backup performance drops, when the backup finishes the utilization stays up (dual proc server 2 node cluster - average never drops below 10% but cpu 0 seems to be pegged at about 45%-50%). This causes some sluggishness accessing files, but I get most complaints from users if it happens on the groupwise resource. The problem only seemed to start after applying SP6, I've installed all of the post SP6 patches and upgraded backup exec (9.1) to the latest available build - no joy. Turning off OFM doesn't seem to help either, running out of options and don't really want to back-rev to sp5 'cause of all the post sp6 patches that I suppose I will have to scrape off as well. I have heard that there is a new server.exe that might help but I can't find the forum that mentioned it now - does anyone know about this - it's due to be released in SP7 but how many more problems will that unleash?

Any help would be appreciated.