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Thread: unlun mask device

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    unlun mask device

    hello all,

    I have a netware 6.5/sp3 cluster of 5 nodes (all NSS) . Just remove one
    of the shared device that I don't need any more (on SAN) by unlun-masking
    it. went back to the servers and did a scan all luns, list devices to
    make sure that device is longer there and it did went away for 4 out of
    the 5 servers. I also checked in NRM and it still show up there for that
    one server. however, when I issue the command list storage adapters then
    I won't see it as expected. So my question is why the server still list
    the device while it no longer own the disk? how do I clear it out without
    rebooting the server (running production). thanks in advance.


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    Re: unlun mask device


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