Running NetWare 6.0.3

We have a couple of Compaq DL320 that were initially installed with NW 6.0.3. The problem I ran into during the initial installation was the MEGAIDE.HAM driver would not allow the hard drives to mount. I had to basically use an older version of MEGAIDE.HAM (NW 5.1 version I think) when the servers were installed. Now that NW 6 SP5 is available, I'd like to give the new HDD drivers a shot. It seems there is no MEGAIDE.HAM anymore, only MEGARIDE.HAM. Is this the replacement? Also are the only files that are needed to mount the drive listed in the STARTUP.NCF? I need to know what needs to be backed up in case I need to roll back the drivers. Just trying to cover my bases before I implement this service pack.